Laxton’s NRM Building Price Book 2019

Laxton’s NRM Building Price Book 2019

Edition: 2019

Details: Paperback.

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Publication date: 13/11/2018

Publisher: Laxton's Publishing Limited

ISBN: 9780995496538

Publication Status: Active


This new builders’ pricing book has up to date prices in an easy to follow, comprehensive format with a detailed index to enable quick identification of specific items. The pricing data herein is prepared from “first principles” with the results detailed indicating labour allowances and the cost of materials required for each item of work. The information detailed will be of interest and may be used by Quantity Surveyors, Contractors, Sub-contractors, Self Builders, Architects, Developers, Students, Government and Public Authorities and those interested in the cost and price of Building Works. Users should understand the limitations of any price book and should familiarise themselves with these introductory sections including “How to Use”, “Essential Information”, “Regional Variations” and the “Preliminaries Section”. The Price Book is structured generally in accordance with the Seventh Edition Revised 1998 of the Standard Method of Measurement of Building Works (SMM7) which follows the format of the ‘Common Arrangement of Work Sections for Building Works 2nd edition’ published to encourage Project Information to be co-ordinated throughout the industry. The detailed rates can easily be applied to items measured in accordance with the New Rules of Measurement as published by the RICS. Laxton’s 2013 is also available structured in accordance with the New Rules of Measurement