Laxton’s NRM Building Price Book 2018

Laxton’s NRM Building Price Book 2018

By: V B Johnson (LLP)

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Publication Details

Edition: 2018

Details: Paperback.

Publication date: 22/11/2017

Publisher: Laxton's Publishing Limited

ISBN: 9780995496514

Publication Status: Active

Publication Description


Laxton's 2018 Building Price Book is available in SMM and NRM formats to include building wage rates current from June 2017, plumbing and electrical wage rates from January 2018 and updated material prices as at third quarter 2017.

Updates include:

  • Items added to reflect the latest Building Regulation requirements including floor, wall and roof insulation
  • House and Office model guide prices reflect SAP requirements
  • Wage Rate and Daywork build ups reflect current industry agreements and statutory legislation
  • CDM section reviewed and updated.
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