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The New 2017 Price Guides Are Now All Available From Stock

We are pleased to confirm that all of the major Publishers have now released their 2017 Price Guides. The revitalised Hutchin's 2017 Price Guide was first off the presses (in a choice of formats) closely followed by the BCIS Comprehensive and BCIS Alterations & Refurbishment 2017 Price Guides. Throughout October, Spon's released their 4 annual price guides together with Laxtons NRM and SMM 2017 price guides. January saw the arival of the 2017 Griffiths Building & Civil Engineering Price Book. Make sure you have the latest pricing information at your fingertips as soon as it is available and remember - we always guarantee the lowest price. 

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If you bought your 2014, 2015 or 2016 price guide from us, we will buy it back for up to £30. For full information about this unique service, just click on the link above.

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