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CESMM4: Carbon & Price Book 2013

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ISBN 9780727758125
Publication Status Current
Publication Date 2013



CESMM4 Carbon and Price Book has been compiled using the very latest update of the Civil Engineering Standard Method of Measurement (CESMM4). The Price Book incorporates the newest technologies without the limitations of the form of contract or the National Standards. CESMM4 updates are reflected throughout each section within the Price Book. Additionally the extent, depth and layout of vital information within the publication ensures that you can quickly and confidently achieve rapid responses to estimate requests, accurate replies to tender submissions and efficient contract administration. The continuation of embodied carbon values provides an important understanding of the carbon cost of your projects, allowing you to compile tenders with a genuinely competitive edge and realistically assess the carbon impact of your standard working practices.

CESMM4 Carbon and Price Book remains the most up-to-date source of price information available for the civil engineering industry.Contents

SECTION 1 – Unit pricing
A: General Items
B: Ground Investigation
C: Geotechnical and Other Specialist Processes
D: Demolition and Site Clearance
E: Earthworks
F: In Situ Concrete
G: Concrete Ancillaries
H: Precast Concrete
I: Pipework - Pipes
J: Pipework - Fittings and Valves
K: Pipework - Manholes and Pipework Ancillaries
L: Pipework - Supports and Protection, Ancillaries to Laying and Excavation
M: Structural Metalwork
N: Miscellaneous Metalwork
O: Timber
P: Piles
Q: Piling Ancillaries
R: Roads and Pavings
S: Rail Track
T: Tunnels
U: Brickwork, Blockwork and Masonry
V: Painting
W: Waterproofing
X: Miscellaneous Work
Y: Sewer and Water Main Renovation and Ancillary Works
Z: Simple Building Works Incidental to Civil Engineering Work
ZZ: Alterations
SECTION 2 – Approximate estimating
SECTION 3 – Plant hire rates and outputs
SECTION 4 – Economic forecast
SECTION 5 – Working rule agreement
SECTION 6 - Professional, Government and trade bodies
SECTION 7 – Technical information