Spon's Irish Construction Costs Handbook (Third Edition)

Spon's Irish Construction Costs Handbook (Third Edition)

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Publication Details

Edition: 3rd Revised edition

Details: Hardback, 528 pages.

Publication date: 03/04/2008

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9780415456371

Publication Status: Active

Publication Description


This new edition of "Spon's Irish Construction Price Book", edited by Franklin + Andrews, is the only complete, tailored and up-to-date source of cost data for the Irish construction industry.

This price book is an essential aid to profitable contracting for all those operating in Ireland's buoyant construction industry. All the materials costs, labour rates and costs per square metre are based on current conditions in Ireland, including information from specialist contractors and subcontractors.

Data is based on current labour productivity norms, and updated to allow for changes in building regulations, legislative changes and working practices. It is structured according to the Agreed Rules of Measurement (Issue Three 2003). It includes revised Approximate Estimating Rates for quick pricing. It provides new material on location factors and inflation, with spotlights on life-cycle costing and sustainability.

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