Spon's European Construction Costs Handbook (Third Edition)

Spon's European Construction Costs Handbook (Third Edition)

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Edition: 3rd Revised edition

Details: Hardback, 512 pages.

Publication date: 18/05/2000

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9780419254607

Publication Status: Active

Publication Description


Fully updated, this handbook is a unique compilation of cost data on the single most important construction market in the world. Now includes Eastern Europe.

Europe is one of the world's largest construction markets. Spon's European Construction Costs Handbook book is the only detailed, multinational guide to the cost of construction work across the whole of Europe. Twenty countries are covered in detail in individual country chapters (Japan and the USA are included for purposes of comparison).

The following information is given in the same way for each country. Key data on the main economic and construction indicators as well as on geography and population. An outline of the national construction industry, covering structure, tendering and contract procedures, liability and insurance, and regulations and standards. Labour and materials cost data. Measured rates (in local currency) for up to 63 construction work items. Approximate estimating costs for a range of building types. Regional variation percentages, tax details, construction cost and retail price indices. Exchange rates with u sterling, ECU, Yen and USD. Addresses of authorities, professional institutions, trade associations etc.

To facilitate country to country comparisons the book also includes a Comparative Data section, where figures from the individual country chapters are grouped in tables on economy, geography and population, construction output, input costs and costs per square metre for offices, warehouses and housing. Figures here are given in national currency, sterling, US dollars and ECUs.

Finally, to assist readers whose first language is not English, the authors have provided a multilingual section where the construction work items priced as measured rates are fully explained in English, French, German and Spanish. This unique handbook has proved itself to be an essential reference for all construction professionals involved in work outside their own country and for all developers or multinational companies assessing comparative development costs.

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